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Our Story

A little about Mae Thorani Plants


How it all started

It all started with a Euphorbia suzannae x bupleurifolia. My first. This miniature hybridised succulent that can attribute it’s cute pineapple shape (what won me over from all the other plants to choose from at the time) to the Karoo region in South Africa. And it all spiralled out of control from there.

I wanted to know more, I acquired plants and obsessively researched why and how they were who they were. The weirder the better. My thoughts had always been consumed by the natural world but my interest never strayed far from the fauna on our planet. That little euphorbia not much bigger than a 10 cent piece ignited my interest in everything chlorophyll. And here we are years later and Mae Thorani Plants was born.

What I realised through all that reading is that even the most common of plants can be the most interesting. It doesn’t have to be a Variegated Monstera or a ‘unicorn plant’ to be interesting, unique or unusual.


Mae Thorani does it’s best to be sustainable whilst enabling your plant habit. What better way to appreciate nature than to be surrounded by it in your very own sanctuary. Working within the horticultural industry has shown how un-friendly this industry can be to the earth. Here at Mae Thorani we are committed to changing that and work hand-in-hand with like minded ventures to minimise our footprint.